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  • PINKAL Ordered food at COR - Chittaurgarh
  • AMAN PAUL Ordered food at PNBE - Patna Jn.
  • AMAN PAUL Ordered food at PNBE - Patna Jn.
  • Kameshwari Ordered food at CNB - Kanpur Central
  • Himal joshi Ordered food at COR - Chittaurgarh
  • Arzu moin Ordered food at PNBE - Patna Jn.
  • Mukram Khan Ordered food at SUR - Solapur Jn.
  • Ankur Shrivastav Ordered food at KTE - Katni
  • Sajjansingh Ordered food at PUNE - Pune Jn.
  • Rajesh Yadav Ordered food at ET - Itarsi Jn.
  • Nisha kumari Ordered food at BTA - Bihta
  • Lakshmi yamini Ordered food at VSKP - Visakhapatnam
  • AMIT Ordered food at CNB - Kanpur Central
  • HIMAL JOSHI Ordered food at STA - Satna
  • Anchal Ordered food at SNP - Sonipat
  • HIMAL JOSHI Ordered food at PNBE - Patna Jn.
  • Vinay parashar Ordered food at AII - Ajmer Jn.
  • Rahul Vasistha Ordered food at GZB - Ghaziabad
  • Kumar Tushar Ordered food at BWN - Barddhaman Jn.
  • Satyam Malviya Ordered food at LDH - Ludhiana Jn.
Order food in train

Rail travel is one of the most popular means of transport in India. The Indian Railway carries thousands of passengers to diverse locations across the country on a daily basis. But one common thing felt by the passengers in about the deteriorating food quality which they get on board. The premier trains in India have been providing the passengers with meals for several years but over the years, the quality of food has gone down. RailMeal is here to help the passengers select their favourite food and order easily.

The portal has been designed to offer comfort of choice to the travellers. The portal has strong links with premier food joints across the country to offer variety to the passengers. The automated food order is delivered to the place of the choice of the clients. They will get the fresh packed food in their seat. The food vendor’s tie-up with the delivery vendors we ensure that the food reaches the passenger timely. Getting food in train was never so simple. We value the feedback of our passengers as it will be motivating and will also help us to serve them in a desired format. Our technology is reliable which the crux of our services is.

The complete chain of ordering food from the selected vendor and then delivery is all completed by us. The passengers just have to click for the service and we are there to assist them with fresh, mouth-watering food at their seat. Online food order in train has become the latest trend and is exciting for several passengers.

People who expect restaurant food in train are assured of top quality delivery of food. We ensure that timely delivery is of utmost importance and hence have tied up with a reliable delivery vendor. With the help of GPS tracking systems and technology, the real time of the train is tracked and the delivery is done accordingly. The passenger is surely going to be impressed with the freshness of food and the meal in train.